W ofercie kapsułkarki pół-automatyczne oraz automatyczne, różne modele w zależności do planowanej produkcji.

Semi-automatic OPTIMA capusle machine is the newest version of machiens of such type in the market. It is equipped with intuitive touch control panel. The machine has got automatic horizontal capsule locking system, owing to which it is enough when an employee puts a mould with capsules and presses the green button (the machine will automatically perform the entire capsule locking process and will give out the final product).

In comparison with DTJ-C model, the system of feeding empty capsule into moulds was improved as well. It is more precise in the OPTIMA machine. In addition, all elements which are made from brass were replaced by elements made from stainless steel.


The series of NJP machines are fully automatic capsule machines for filling hard capsules with loose materials.


DTJ-C semi-automatic capsule machine is characterised by excellent price level and considerably large throughput. Therefore, it can meed demands the majority of small nad medium pharmaceutical companies.